Privacy Notice

The information that is communicated by you and recorded by the Health Practitioner attending you will be collected by The Bright Family Clinic (BFC) for the primary purpose of providing you with treatment. Your information may be used by The BFC to contact you for research or to evaluate by way of an audit, the service and or medical treatment that you have received. Any information that you provide for an audit or research purpose will not identify you in any way.

Request & Disclosure of information

During your initial consultation with us, permission will be gained for The BFC to:

  • Pass on and to seek medical information from any medical practitioner, who has referred, treated or will treat me as long as the exchange of information is necessary for my medical treatment. 

  • Request &/or provide details of test results from &/or to imaging centres, pathology labs, doctors and allied health providers involved in my care.

  • Share information amongst other BFC associates, so that my (or my dependants) care can be holistically managed.

  • Use anonymised data from my BFC visit for clinical audit, teaching and research purposes.

Patient Informed Consent

Osteopathic treatments including spinal manipulation or adjustment, has been the subject of government reports and multi-disciplinary studies conducted over many years and has been demonstrated to be effective for spinal pain, some headaches, and other similar symptoms.

Although no guarantee of treatment success can be given, care provided by Osteopaths have stood the test of time. The risk of injuries or complications from these therapies is lower than that associated with many medical or other treatments, medications, and procedures given for the same symptoms.

However, osteopaths who use manual therapy techniques such as spinal manipulation or adjustments are now required to advise patients that there are or may be some risks associated with such treatment.

In particular, you should note:

1. Temporary soreness after treatment may occur in about 1 in 3 patients. Strains and sprains of the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues do occur occasionally. While rare, some patients have also experienced rib fractures;

2. There have been reported cases of injury to a vertebral artery following neck manipulation / adjustments. Vertebral artery injuries have been known to cause stroke, sometimes with serious neurological impairment, and may on rare occasion result in serious injury or death. The possibility of such injuries resulting from neck manipulation / adjustment is extremely rare;

3. Although uncommon, there have been some reported cases of disc injuries following manipulation / adjustment of neck or lower back.

During your consultation with us you will have the opportunity to discuss the nature and purpose of treatment in general and your treatment in particular (including spinal manipulation if indicated) as well as the contents of this consent.