Womens health



Women undergo different stages of life and with that a multitude of changes that require adaptability. Supple adolescence body brings hormonal changes, growth spurts and emotional demands passing through the transition to adulthood. The unique phase of fertility and pregnancy lends to growth, adaptation, postural and hormonal changes in a very short space of  time. Labour on its own requires a huge degree of malleability underpinned with balance and stability, good function, and good health. Postpartum care, comes with its own fluctuations emotionally, physically and resulting in a huge change of life. During midlife to the twilight years brings the focus to a slowing of hormonal production resulting in a more static state. Dr Sharnie’s focus is to keep the body supple, agile and strong, and to optimise your quality of life, no matter what stage you are in.




Osteopathy is an extremely safe method of manual medicine which treats the whole person. Osteopathy is proven to be a safe, gentle and effective therapy for mothers and babies. Dr Sharnie will carefully select the most appropriate treatment techniques to assure the safety and comfort of you and your growing baby.


During pregnancy, your body undergoes tremendous change to accommodate the growing foetus. Apart from the obvious physical changes like expansion of the abdominal region, hormonal releases can affect the function of your body’s internal systems. As your pregnancy progresses, the extra weight creates a shift in your body’s centre of gravity. Your supporting ligaments also soften.

These factors can add stress to your body causing problems like back pain, sciatica, insomnia, shortness of breath, swelling, high blood pressure and fatigue. Dr Sharnie can offer advice about managing these symptoms and demonstrate self-help techniques which you and your partner can use during pregnancy and labour. Her aim is to assist the natural process of pregnancy and birth-maximising your body’s ability to change and support you and your baby with a minimum of pain and discomfort.


During birth, the descent of the baby through the pelvis is influenced by a range of factors. If the mother’s pelvis is rotated or restricted, it can interfere with the baby’s passage through the birth canal. Osteopathic care will restore and maintain normal pelvic alignment and mobility, and contribute to a successful birth and healthy baby.

After birth, Dr Sharnie can help prevent or manage problems like feeding difficulties, pelvic and low back strain, neck and shoulder tightness, pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, prolapse, interrupted sleep, fatigue and depression. This will help you meet your baby’s needs, whilst caring for your own.


Loading mainly one side of your body may cause muscles to tighten unevenly. It’s best to not carry heavy bags on one shoulder or use a backpack style bag. Try to carry children without favouring one side or use a pouch-style carrier for babies.

Everyone should ask for help when needed, use your knees, and hold things as close as possible to your body.